2014 Mystic Code 01 BOA Clicker Dial Waist Harness Bundled with WBK Kitesurfing Key Fob Kiteboarding [Color: Black]



  • BOA Technology Back Support : Human Kinetic Technology System : H-flex Force Frame
  • Spreader Down System : 3D Anatomical Back Support : Kinetic Back Support KM3
  • Seamless Neoprene Edge : Flex Edge : Soft Neoprene Edges : Twin Batten Load Distribution Frame
  • Integrated Fixed Handle Pass System : Delta Double Power Leash Ring : Battle Belt Waist Closure
  • Kite Spreaderbar : 3D Thermo Moulded Foam Interior and Exterior : Safety Knife : Quick release Clickerbar 3.0 : **Includes WindBone Kiteboarding Key Chain Fob Accessory

Women’s Kiteboarding Harness Product Description

Mystic Kiteboarding introduces the most revolutionary harness ever made -the 2014 Mystic Code 01 Kitesurfing Waist Harness utilizing revolutionary BOA Technology that allows the rider to adjust back support by spinning the clicker wheel on the fly.

As easy as that, you can make the Mystic Code 01 Waist Harness as stiff as necessary and avoid back problems, as well as make the harness super comfortable and fitted to your body.

The ultimate in Custom Adjustability, Fit, Support, and the most technically advanced harness available. The 2014 Mystic Code 01 Waist Harness with Adjustable BOA Technology, provides an amazing combination of custom fit/support & performance that simply cant be beat..

**Includes – WindBone Kiteboarding Key Chain Fob: Carry your keys in WBK style