2015 Ion Spectre Waist Harness


Tandem Kite Harness Product Description

The 2015 Ion Spectre is a Swiss army knife level harness: equipped with the finest materials and a weight optimized construction, this harness provides superior fit and, even more important, enables easy adjustment of the support characteristics (whether you like it soft or stiff) by the Ion T-Sticks. Features T-STICKS – By removing or adding the T-Sticks you can easily adjust the flexibility of the harness AIRFRAME Sometimes ‘less is more’ – Therefore the Airframe construction only uses solid materials where these are really needed. By using moulded foam for these parts the harness absorbs less water and remains so weight optimized even on and in the water. PRO_PAD – The world’s first fully moulded protection pad ensures a lightweight, less water absorbing and comfortable cushioning of the spreaderbar. SLINGBELT – Giving you an embrace feeling the Slingbelt keeps the harness in place. QUICK_FIT 2.0 – This new leverbuckle system allows a quick and perfect adjustment of the spreader bar webbings. HIP PROTECTION – Bending sideways the pelvis bones get protected by a special foam padding. CROSS_LINK – The cross over webbing reinforcement allows a complete back part load spreading. WRAP TEC – Preshaped harness construction which allows the harness to wrap around the body. HANDLE PASS LEASH SLIDER – Slim slidingtube to connect with the handle pass leash. New end-stopper fittings. PUSH BUTTON SPREADER BAR – Save and easy release system for the spreader bar. BELT GARAGE – Neoprene pockets over the buckles allow storing away the webbing endings in a slick and easy way. BAR KEEPER WAIST HARNESS – The belt construction connects the lower part of the spreader bar to the lower part of the harness, thereby the Bar_Keeper_Belt helps to keep the spreader bar in the low position. KITE KNIFE – Safety knife to cut the kitelines in dangerous situations.