2016 Fone Bandit (B9) Kite Kiteboarding Kitesurfing F-One Bundled with WindBone Kiteboarding T-Shirt


  • 9th Generation Fone Bandit, further refined for 2016 -making an already amazing kite even better..
  • New Improved Smoother Profile, new lighter trailing edge dual layer fabric, enhanced kite swing – enhanced depower and increased stability
  • Greater stability, Lighter, direct bar feedback, refined depower, improved Lull performance, more hang-time, efforltess upwind..
  • Bundle includes +1 Item: WindBone Kiteboarding T-Shirt Size Large (contact us to request alternate size options: S, M, L, XL)

Best Kites For Sale Product Description

2016 F-One Bandit-9 (B9 – Version 9) Kitesurfing Kite -the amazing F-One Patented Delta C-Shape performer continues into 2016 Version 9 with improvements taking the Bandit-9 to the next level.

The F-One Bandit 9 effortlessly does it all: Freestyle, Freeride, Wakestyle, Surf, all-around top performance -and the F-One Bandit legacy has established a proven reputation of Amazing Performance, Quality, and Durability that simply can’t be beat.

The 2016 F-One Bandit-9 offers amazingly well rounded performance characteristics, crisp responsiveness, sooth predictability, amazing direct bar feedback, awesome range, effortless relaunch, heaps of power yet with amble depower, loads of boosting hang time, power through turns, etc.. The 2016 F-One Bandit 9 is the top choice in performance, quality, style, & reliability -Returning for 2016 to set the bar even higher for the 2016 Season.

Bundle Includes: x1 WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Tee Shirt – Size Large sent by default -contact to request alternate shirt size: S, M, L, or XL. *(Shirt Color/Style may vary but will include the WindBone Kitesurfing Lifestlye Logo)

**Optional Kite Complete Control Bar Package Includes: 2016 Fone Monolith Control Bar, Lines, and Leash Set.
**(to add control bar set must select Kite Complete bar option pkg in selectable options above)

Fone Recommend Kite/Bar Size Pairings:
45 cm Bar: 4M to 10M
52 cm Bar: 11M to 17M

Kite Color Availability Varries – Random color will be sent based on availability – can email us your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd color choices and we will try to acomodate based on availability (no guarantee on color request availbility) – can also contact us for latest color options in stock.