2016 Switchblade Cabrinha Kite and Free Bar Package


  • Easy relaunch – and Safety System on the Bar is simple.
  • Adjustable bar included for free
  • Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles
  • Great upwind performance
  • Ridiculously high hang times

14m Kite For Sale Product Description

This is a Listing for the kite and a free 2014 Cabrinha 1X adjustable control bar. As the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade enters its 11th year it embodies all the trial and error necessary to make a truly great product. In the Switchblade’s case the result is the industry’s first choice for a high performance all around kite. This year Cabrinha still try to push for even higher performance but at no cost of the kite’s low end power or compromising the traditional Switchblade feel. This year the big improvements are the incorporation of Pure Profile Panels and the significance the A-B settings on the wingtips affect the flying characteristics. The addition of profile tweaking and Pure Profile Panels allows the kite to have a smoother more aerodynamic shape in flight and has optimized the low end power. Although the A-B settings aren’t anything new to anyone who has owned previous Cabrinha kites, this year they have really been engineered to give the user essentially 2 kites in one. This way the user can pick how they want their Switchblade without having to make any compromises. On the “B” setting you will have the more traditional switchblade feel and more low end power while the “A” setting gives lighter pressure and according to Pete Cabrinha a “more frisky kite”. Make sure to try out both settings during a session because Damien Leroy himself says he used to always ride on the “B” setting but has been really liking this years kite on the “A” 2016 Features & Benefits: Smooth power delivery Predictable handling Distinctly sharp and precise turns Easy relaunch