AXIS Kiteboarding VANGUARD Kiteboard, 2015


How To Choose Kiteboard Size Product Description

The Vanguard is a freestyle machine. This board wants to be pushed to the absolute limits. With its explosive pop, incredible tracking and smooth landings the Vanguard will deliver the utmost performance in all conditions and excels as you do. The 2015 AXIS Vanguard is at the forefront of our design and development created to meet our Global team’s progressive freestyle needs. This board is fast, light, flexible, and is available in a vast array of dimensions so you can get the size that will feel as if it was custom made for you. The speed of this board comes from its rocker line. The rocker is more curved through the center and straighter towards the tips. This allows the board to glide over the water with more speed without pushing through it. Compatible with pads/straps or boots the Vanguard will meet your freestyle demands and then some. The 2015 AXIS Vanguard is also light weight and flexible, rounding the edges of this high performance ride. The AXIS Quad concave assists tracking the board for better load and explosive pop. The concave gets water moving the right way on landings too; stomp those passes, claim it with a fist pump, neck a beer, be a hero/ine…or just quietly stomp the trick, and do another. We here at AXIS also believe the Vanguard is worthy enough to share, so we have developed the 148cm Vanguard with extra inserts to allow tandem riding. The Tandem Vanguard is a great and safe way to introduce kiteboarding to others and to offer a ride to friends and family or paying customers.