Cabrinha FX Kiteboarding Kite



  • Explosive Pop with Good Hang Time
  • Great Line Slack When Riding Unhooked
  • Forward Pull
  • Highly Responsive Steering
  • Smooth Power

Best Kitesurfing Kites Product Description

The 2016 Cabrinha FX Kite provides the perfect balance between Freeride and Freestyle. It brings a highly responsive platform that give huge power and explosive boost for lofty air all while maintaining lightning fast turning speed and easy relaunch. The modified c-shape arc makes for awesome kiteloops and super soft landings. It’s unique construction and design gives it the perfect amount of line slack when riding unhooked and smooth, solid power delivery. If you’re looking for that perfect crossover kite, the Cabrinha FX might just be the one for you. Features: Quick Recovery

• Warranty: One Year
• Kite Complete: No
• Recommended Bar: Overdrive 1x
• Kite Type: LEI
• Kite/Board Style: Surf/Freeride/Freestyle
• Turning Speed Performance: 5 of 5
• Relaunch Performance: 4 of 5
• Upwind Performance: 4 of 5
• Boost Performance: 5 of 5
• Hang Time Performance: 4 of 5
• Low End Power Performance: 3 of 5
• Number of Struts: 3
• Foil Type: N/A
• Number of Lines: 4
• Bar Pressure: Medium
• Canopy Materials: Double Rip Stop Nylon
• Reinforcement Materials: Skeletal Frame
• Product ID: 398410
• Model Number: KO6FX0000004012
• GTIN: 0881285975418