Flexifoil 4.0m2/4.9m2/6.5m2 4-Line Blade Sport Kite with 90 Day! By World Record Winning Designer. Safe, Reliable & Durable Power Kiting & Traction Kiting – Outdoor Fun


  • There are few kites on the planet for which almost every kiter has a story to tell. The Blade is one of those kites. Developed over six generations, no other land kite can offer the same solidity of power, stability, and most importantly, limitless fun. The 6th incarnation of the Blade is built on its pure foundations of power to refine the design & further increase the delivery of everything that Flexifoil is known for. This is no toy. The Blade is a serious piece of kit for the serious kiter
  • HIGH ASPECT RATIO – the swept planform creates a fast crisp turn rate, which combined with a monstrously powerful aerofoil creates huge lift and float, yet it retains the stability loved by all Blade flyers. The kite’s thin profile is fast & efficient. This efficiency is aided by a high cell count coupled with internal V ribs to support the profile. The V ribs also reduce the amount of bridle, which minimise the drag in the kite, whilst keeping the wing shape smooth and aerodynamically efficient
  • HIGH CELL COUNT – Ram air kites are built in a cellular style, with ribs to shape the aerofoil connecting a top skin and bottom skin. The more cells, the more accurately the aerofoils shape is created. The Blade has a thin aerofoil design and is made up of 30 cells. Compared to the average 15 of an intermediate kite, the extra cells keep the aerofoil shape accurately defined, making it very fast and powerful
  • LEADING EDGE GAUZE – Flexifoil Ram Air Kites pioneered & continue to use Leading Edge Gauze as standard over the inlets. This gives this kite the ability to have a relatively large vent size for excellent stability yet maintains a clean entry shape to the foil for performance. This clean leading edge gives a range of performance characteristics over both low & high angles of attack, enabling good inflation. This gives you great handling & clean aerodynamic lines with the great blend of stability
  • IMPORTANT – THIS KITE DOES NOT COME WITH A BAR, HANDLES or LINES AS STANDARD. Flexifoil recommend Pro-Link Handles (With Safety) and 2 x 200kg, 2 x 100kg, 25m 4-Line Set with all sizes of the Blade Kite. This kite already includes Blade Kite Canopy, Triple A Bridle Adjuster, Instruction Manual and Kite Storage Bag

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Why Flexifoil?

Flexifoil is an iconic British kite company with a reputation for exceptional quality and innovation in the sport. We invented Power Kiting in 1972 & have never looked back since.

In 2012, Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil to design the kites which powered himself and his family from England to France as they embarked on the feat of accomplishing Three World Records.

Sir Richard went on to achieve the world record for the oldest person to cross the English Channel by kite and his son Sam became the world record holder for the fastest crossing of the English Channel by kite. Many of the Branson family and friends went on to achieve the world record for the most number of people to kitesurf the English Channel, all propelled by their Flexifoil kites.

We are constantly testing materials to ensure that we are at the forefront of kiting technology and give our customers complete confidence and value.

Product quality and high performance are the cornerstones of Flexifoil and we are driven to serve the growing kiting community and act as global ambassadors for the sport we love.

A kite purchased in 1972 will still fly like it was bought yesterday… so why not make your investment now and join the 500,000+ people in 96 countries who have already purchased with us?

The Skies are waiting for you…

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Paramount product quality is our promise. We are so confident in the class of our kites that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee to all of our customers.

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