HQ Fluxx 2.2M Trainer Kite TR plus Kiteboarding DVD Bundle (4 items) Includes ‘The Way To Fly’ Beginner Kitesurfing Instructional DVD + WindBone Kite Lifestyle Decals + WindBone Key Chain : Foil Power



  • HQ HQ4 Fluxx 2.2M TR Kitesurfing Trainer Bundle – Includes 5 Items (HQ HQ4 Fluxx 2.2M TR Trainer Kite + ‘The Way To Fly’ Beginner Kitesurfing Instructional DVD + WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key-Chain Fob + Koozie + Kiteboarding WindBone Decals
  • Kiteboarding Instructional Package Bundle –
  • HQ HQ4 Fluxx 2.2M Relaunchable 2.2 Meter 2-Line Trainer Kite (All New Model) complete with 2-Line Control Bar, Lines, Manual, & Carry Bag – Premium HQ Brand Quality Budget Friendly Fixed 2-Line Trainer Kite
  • The Way To Fly: Beginner Kitesurfing Instructional DVD – Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Kiteboarding (Thorough DVD covering both Land and Water Based Instruction: The Way to Fly Instructional Video uses Skills and Progression teaching techniques that will save you hundreds of hours of frustration and lost time..
  • Plus Windbone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Items: WindBone KB Key Chain Fob + WBK Koozie + WindBone KB Decals

Boracay Kite Surf Product Description

The HQ HQ4 Fluxx 2.2M Trainer Kite – Affordable Quality Kiteboarding Foil Trainer Kite by Premium brand HQ Power Kites (unmatched quality, performance, & reliability you wont find in low cost imitation no-name kites)

The HQ Fluxx has been designed with functionality, ease of use and an affordable price point in mind. Whether you are looking for a trainer kite or just a fun foil to enjoy, the HQ Fluxx offers smooth and precise flying characteristics. Shape and bridle of the Fluxx allow an easy relaunch after a crash without assistance.

HQ4 Fluxx 2.2M Kite Package Includes: Kite, 2-Line Control Bar, Lines, Manual, and Carry Bag.
*(Land Training Use Only)

HQ HQ4 Fluxx 2.2 Specifications:: Flat Area (m²): 1.33; Flat Span (cm): 220; Height (cm): 73; Flat AR: 3.63; Cells: 15; Wind Range: 8-38 km/h, 5-24 mph, 4-21 Knots; Dyneema Line Set: Dyneema 100 kp 2 x 25 m; Control: Control Bar 50 cm

+ The Way to Fly Instructional Kiteboarding DVD Video:
Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Kiteboarding Instruction from Chris Moore, PASA Certified professional kiteboard instructor since 2000 & Head Examiner for PASA! Learning to kiteboard just got easier, with The Way to Fly Instructional DVD! Chris Moore working in conjunction with Kitty Hawk Kites and Go Pro Video has released this updated instructional DVD that covers an amazing amount of material with detailed and proven exercises to safely progress through the sport and take your kiting to the next level.

+ WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key Chain Fob: Carry your keys in WBK WindBone style
(color may vary)

+ WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Koozy Beverage Holder Cooler (color/style may vary)

+ WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestlye Decals: Add some WBK style to rear car windows and let everyone know you’re a kiteboarder..

**Any instructional material (books/DVD) are not intended to replace professional Instruction/Lessons.