HQ Symphony Beach III 1.3 Kite Rainbow + Tail Bundle (4 Items) + 20ft Rainbow Plastic Kite Tail Streamer + WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Stickers



  • HQ Symphony Beach-III 1.3 Rainbow Kite + 20ft Tail Bundle (Includes 4 Items)
  • 1- HQ Symphony Beach-III 1.3 Kite, Color: Rainbow
  • 1- 20ft (6m) Rainbow Flat Plastic Kite Tail Streamer (incl: swivel hook for easy connecting / disconnecting)
  • 1- WindBone Kiteboarding Key Chain Fob
  • 1- WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Decals

Used North Kites For Sale Product Description

HQ Symphony Beach-III 1.3: Excellent flight performance, easy handling and tons of fun are the attributes of the all new 3rd generation Symphony Beach range.

Designed to match the demands of beginners and advanced kiters alike, these kites offer performance and durability in a budget friendly package..All sizes in the Symphony Beach range are constructed with the pilots’ fun in mind. They fly very stable to deliver remarkable speed and pull for their sizes, and provide worry-free fun to keep any pilot entertained for hours.

Kite comes Complete with lines on winder and wrist straps.

Specifications:: Size/Model: 1.3 / HQ Symphony Beach II; Width: 130cm / 51″; Length: 55cm, / 22″; Sail: Ripstop-Polyester; Cells: 9; Lines: Polyester 45kp (100lb); 2 x 25m (80ft); Lines: On Winder + Straps Included Wind:Range: 6-31mph; 5-27Knots; 10-49km/h; 2-6 Bft;

Bundle Includes:

Rainbow 20 foot (6 meter) Flat Plastic Kite Tail Streamer – Included Kite Tail Accessory easily attaches to trailing edge of kite with included clip/loop for amazing colorful aerial display – Tail follows kite for amazing cork-screw displays, tricks, stunts, etc – the tail also stabilizes kite for easier control


WindBone Kiteboarding Key Chain Fob: Carry and/or highlight special keys with WindBone Kite Lifestyle Wwag


WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestlye Decals: Add some WBK style to rear car windows and let everyone know you’re a power kiter.