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The 2018 Liquid Force Rocket Foil Kiteboard 4’8″ is a kite foilboard that doubles as a directional kite surfboard so you can get more time on the water doing what you love. With plenty of surface area and increased rocker, the Rocket Foil takes the edge off the learning curve by providing a forgiving platform that resists pearling when you touch down. The full no-slip EVA deck is comfortable under your feet whether you ride with straps or without straps. If you go with straps, the Rocket Foil offers a plethora of footstrap placement options in the inline two footstrap freestyle configuration or the staggered three footstrap race configuration. The mast track allows the mast to be tuned for your preferred front and back foot weight distribution. This is especially helpful when you are learning as you can reduce the foils lift by moving the mast back so that more back foot weight is needed to lift up onto the foil. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to slide the mast forward to get onto the foil more easily. When the water is too shallow to foil or the wind picks up beyond your comfort level with the foil, you can easily take the foil off and slap on some fins to turn the Rocket into a fun directional surf kiteboard. The Rocket Foil is a great first foil board with a sturdy construction and lots of versatility.

Comes complete with 3 straps and fins.

Liquid Force 2018 Rocket Foil Kiteboard 4’8″