Mystic Drip Multi-Use Waist Harness Yellow



  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Spreader protector
  • Anatomical back support
  • HP system included
  • Battle belt waist closure

Kite Harness Test Product Description

The Mystic Drip waist harness is super comfy, has a medium back height, and tons of padding around the harness. The Mystic Drip harness shares similar technology as the Mystic Warrior, with the anatomical plate on the back, offering good support. The inside of the harness is neoprene with imprint, to create good bond with the rider. Due to the interior, the Drip will be less rigid than The Mystic Warrior, which makes it easier for wave riding. Clicker 3.0 spreader bar is included with the Mystic Drip harness, as well as a hold down strap, to restrain ride up. The brand new Mystic Drip waist harness is a step forward for a mid priced waist harness, with many of the bells / whistles of its “pro” priced siblings. *Knife not Included