Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite



  • All round performance kite
  • Easy re-launch capabilites with a huge wind range
  • High flow inflate/deflate valves
  • Excellent drift capabilities
  • Great kite for all levels

Kite Surfing Olympics Product Description

FREERIDE & WAVE KITE Our lightest Prodigy ever, the 4th Gen Prodigy now also features high flow inflate / deflate valves! Built around a robust 3 strut design, our most popular & best selling kite to date comes by its success honestly. Featuring a massive wind range and incredible flight stability the Prodigy is an ideal choice for kiters looking for the perfect freeride or wave kite. With superb power delivery and a generous, forgiving feel the Prodigy delivers smooth turns and effortless big airs and hang time while sitting perfectly in the window and drifting with you when you’re powered up and on a wave. The Prodigy’s short length bridles reduce the chance of bridle tangles while delivering steering input even when the kite is highly de-powered making tricky landing / launching conditions more manageable.