Ozone Connect Pro with Spreader Bar Landkiting Snowkiting Harness


Power Kite Harness Product Description

  • The Connect Pro harness is ideal for all snow or land kiters with the added support and ease of use of a Stainless Steel spreader bar; designed for comfort, support and flexibility in use, the Connect Pro harness is perfect to wear over or under your snow gear; it features high quality aluminum adjustment buckles on the spreader bar and leg straps; the Connect Pro has been designed like a rock climbing harness so that it will not ride up
  • The Stainless Steel spreader bar attaches directly to both the harness and the leg straps reducing spreader bar upward tilt; aluminum buckles; extra padded areas for increased comfort and neoprene lining for a strong grip/hold on winter clothing, with better protection against the cold
  • Removable leg support straps – color coded, thin and light yet comfortable leg straps with neoprene lining for a strong grip/hold on winter clothing; leg straps are connected at an ergonomic angle distributing vertical loads between the attachment point and leg padding; can be easily removed or fitted under your snow pants without having to take them off
  • Plastic layers along the back section with full length webbing support for ideal load distribution and extra strength; increased support through wider and improved ergonomic shaped panelling
  • Technical backpack connection; Kite leash attachment; Webbing loop attachments; One size fits all