Peter Lynn Hype TR Foil Power 2-Line Control Bar Trainer Kite w Leash Kitesurfing Snowkiting Landboarding Buggy Traction Bundled with WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Decals & Key Fob



  • Peter Lynn Hype TR – Amazing 2-Line Trainer Foil Kite Complete Pkg with Kite, Control Bar, Safety Wrist Leash System, Dyneema Flying Lines, Manual, and Kite Carry Bag
  • Available in Various Sizes (select options from drop down) – Kite Colors Size Specific: 1.6M-Green/Charcoal; 1.9M-Orange/Charcoal; 2.3M-Blue/Charcoal; 2.6M-Lime/Charcoal
  • Pro Level Control Bar Trainer Kite Pkg ideal for training in disciplines of Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing (Land Use Only), Snowkiting, Landboarding, Buggy, Traction, Jumping, and general Power Kiting Fun
  • Bundle includes +2 Items: Windbone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Items: WindBone KB Key Chain Fob + WindBone Kiteboarding Decals

Best Kite For High Winds Product Description

Peter Lynn Hype 2-Line Performance Foil Power Trainer w/ Safety Wrist Leash System.

The Peter Lynn Hype TR is the perfect 2-Line Control Bar Kite for all round training and general power kiting fun. Forgiving and easy to fly for beginners, yet also offers ample power*, pull*, and speed as experience and pilot skills progress *(power/pull relative to kite size, wind strength, and pilot weight).

The Peter Lynn Hype TR Trainer is a very friendly 2-line power kite which is easy to fly for just about anyone no matter age or skill. Even without any prior kiting experience, the Peter Lynn Hype TR Trainer is your entry into the exciting world of power kiting, it is an incredibly easy to set-up 2-line power kite flown on a control bar. The Hype TR delivers its power in a predictable way, it is stable, easy turning and above all, a lot of fun to fly. No matter in which traction / power kiting discipline your ambition lies, the Hype TR will provide you with a highly dependable and versatile entry level power trainer kite.

Hype TR Package comes complete w/ Kite, Control Bar, Flying Lines, Safety Wrist Leash System, Manual, & Kite Bag – Ready-ToFly.

**The Hype TR is available in various sizes, each size has a specific color
**(select size / color in selectable options above)

+ Bundle Includes:

WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key Chain Fob: Carry your keys in WBK WindBone style
(color may vary)

WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestlye Decals: Add some WBK style to rear car windows and let everyone know you’re a kiteboarder.