• Discover standard kite skills securely as well as at your very own speed
  • Conserve money and time by finding out the fundamentals prior to spending for a lesson
  • Develop the control as well as muscle memory critical to kiteboarding
  • Develop an understanding of the wind and what a kite will certainly perform in it
  • Learn what to do and what not to do with a kite

The 2018 Slingshot B2 Instructor kite is already epic. Besides, it’s the initial instructor kite from back then, as well as it’s still the trainer of option for any person wishing to learn just how to kiteboard. Many, if not most, kiters began with a Slingshot B2 or a B3, and the custom continues. Finding out to fly a good instructor kite like the B2 is a vital part of the process of discovering exactly how to kiteboard.


There’s no doubt concerning it, discovering exactly how to fly a fitness instructor kite will dramatically decrease the quantity of time and punishment it takes to discover kiteboarding. We did it, your favored motorcyclists did it, and you must do it, as well.


Obtaining the right begin is one of the most essential facet of discovering to kiteboard, and for almost every person this suggests beginning with an instructor kite.

Slingshot’s B2 is the original fitness instructor kite that started everything. With the B2 you will uncover the gold standard in discovering kite flying skills in a safe, efficient as well as budget friendly manner. If you are significant about finding out to kiteboard, buying a Slingshot fitness instructor kite is a small rate to spend for an invaluable, timeless as well as enjoyable tool. You can fly your B2 anywhere with wind and open room. It works wonderful ashore, yard, at the beach or perhaps on snow. No water needed.

With the B2 instructor kite, you will:

Discover standard kite abilities securely and also at your own speed
Save money and time by finding out the essentials before spending for a lesson
Create the sychronisation and muscle memory crucial to kiteboarding
Establish an understanding of the wind as well as what a kite will perform in it
Learn what to do as well as what not to do with a kite
Be able to share the enjoyable of kite flying with others, for years ahead
Discover kiteboarding ideas, terminology and jargon

The B2 comes full with instructor kite, bridles, ranges flying line, comfy EVA g.

Slingshot Kiteboarding B2 Trainer Kite
Slingshot Kiteboarding B2 Trainer Kite