SPEX Amphibian Eyewear. RED with All WEATHER Polarized Lenses. Made in USA. SPEX float and offer 100% UV Protection. Ideal for all water sports. Protect 2 of Your Most Valuable Assets…Your Eyes



  • Spex Amphibian Eyewear float and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Polarized Lenses.
  • Don’t lose another pair of sunglasses in the water–get your SPEX
  • Spex comes with polarized grey lenses, custom vented micro-fiber carry bag, strap.
  • Lenses are suspended off the frame using patented anti-fog technology

Seaspecs Product Description

Spex® – Designed to Protect 2 of Your Most Valuable Assets…Your Eyes from sun, wind, spray, bugs – during active water sports such as Kiteboarding and Personal Watercraft, Waterski, Surf, Windsurf, High Speed Boating LAND: Snow Board, Snowboard, Snow Ski AIR: Helicopter Search & Rescue, Hang Gliding Spex® are a “HYBRID DESIGN” that combines the best features of sunglasses and goggles into one modular product. The frame is made of FLOATRON™ and available in 7 colors. The SPEX® FLOATRON™ frame is strong, lightweight, unbreakable and FLOATS! The Floatron™ frame is also anatomically correct to conform to the shape of any face. SPEX ® Lenses are Interchangeable and Replaceable and are POLARIZED which is ideal for water sports because they reduce reflective glare. SPEX® Polarized Lenses offer 100% protection from UV rays and are hard coated to resist scratches. The SUSPENDED LENS allows air to circulate 360º degrees around the lens which drastically reduces fogging. LENS TINT RECOMMENDATIONS: DT Polarized for All Around Performance. Polarized Grey (Smoke): for sunny conditions; water sports Excellent for bright sun Polarized Amber (Brown): the best all around lens tint; for both water & snow sports. Ideal for occasional cloud cover, late afternoons, early sessions or variable lighting conditions. Non-Polarized Clear for lower lighting conditions, rainy days and basic eye protection from spray, wind and bugs. FEATURES • Floats completely • Soft flexible frame • Polarized lenses • Suspended lens ADVANTAGES • Less likely to loose • Comfortable/One size fits all • Glare reduction • Air circulation around lens BENEFITS • Long term cost savings • Durable and shock absorbing • 100% UV protection • Anti-fog design Spex® come complete with your choice of frame color, and come standard with DT ALL AROUND Polarized Lenses, a Replaceable Neoprene Strap, and a Vented Carry Bag. You can also order other lens tints as needed.

Important information

Seller Warranty Description
Spex USA are Made in USA and we are the manufacturers. This is original OEM product fro on our cm SPEX USA. Amphibian USA is the parent company. Spex Amphibian Eyewear warranty is 100% Customer Satisfaction! Please refer to our web site for full detailsustomer satisfaction guarantee, additional warranty information and other products from AmphibianUSA.com