Spex Amphibian Eyewear ROYAL with All WEATHER Polarized Lenses. Made in USA. Float. 100% Uv Protection. SPEX are ideal for all water sports. Protect 2 of Your Most Valuable Assets…Your Eyes



  • Spex Amphibian Eyewear float and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Polarized Lenses.
  • Don’t lose another pair of sunglasses in the water–get your SPEX
  • Spex comes with polarized ALL AROUND lenses, custom vented micro-fiber carry bag, strap.
  • Lenses are suspended off the frame using patented anti-fog technology

Uv400 Sunglasses Product Description

Spex® – Designed to Protect 2 of Your Most Valuable Assets…Your Eyes from sun, wind, spray, bugs – during active water sports such as Kiteboarding and Personal Watercraft, Waterski, Surf, Windsurf, High Speed Boating LAND: Snow Board, Snowboard, Snow Ski AIR: Helicopter Search & Rescue, Hang Gliding Spex® are a “HYBRID DESIGN” that combines the best features of sunglasses and goggles into one modular product. The frame is made of FLOATRON™ and available in 7 colors. The SPEX® FLOATRON™ frame is strong, lightweight, unbreakable and FLOATS! The Floatron™ frame is also anatomically correct to conform to the shape of any face. SPEX ® Lenses are Interchangeable and Replaceable and are POLARIZED which is ideal for water sports because they reduce reflective glare. SPEX® Polarized Lenses offer 100% protection from UV rays and are hard coated to resist scratches. The SUSPENDED LENS allows air to circulate 360º degrees around the lens which drastically reduces fogging. LENS TINT RECOMMENDATIONS: DT Polarized for All Around Performance. Polarized Grey (Smoke): for sunny conditions; water sports Excellent for bright sun Polarized Amber (Brown): the best all around lens tint; for both water & snow sports. Ideal for occasional cloud cover, late afternoons, early sessions or variable lighting conditions. Non-Polarized Clear for lower lighting conditions, rainy days and basic eye protection from spray, wind and bugs. FEATURES • Floats completely • Soft flexible frame • Polarized lenses • Suspended lens ADVANTAGES • Less likely to loose • Comfortable/One size fits all • Glare reduction • Air circulation around lens BENEFITS • Long term cost savings • Durable and shock absorbing • 100% UV protection • Anti-fog design Spex® come complete with your choice of frame color, and come standard with DT ALL AROUND Polarized Lenses, a Replaceable Neoprene Strap, and a Vented Carry Bag. You can also order other lens tints as needed.