Spleene 2018 High Tech Line Session 45 Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Board Complete With Bindings, Fins, And All Hardware, 145 x 46cm



  • New for 2017: New Outline; Less Weight at Tips; Improved Fin Position; New Graphic
  • Huge wind range; Very good upwind performance;
  • Easy Jumping – The wider outline at the tips of the Session 45 gives lots of area to edge deep into the water and built up enough line tension for big jumps. The Advanced Jet Bottom makes landing very soft.
  • Best comfort; No Spray
  • Beginner and heavy rider friendly

Kite Board Gear Product Description

Complete with Pads, Straps, 5cm Fins, Handle, and All Hardware. The Session 45 is the best freeride board for every rider, who wants to cover large wind range and maximize fun.