UAAC Kiteboarding Beginner Basic Training Kite 1m Size with Flying Lines and Handles Kitesurfing



  • Low Cost Introduction
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Crash Resistant
  • Comes with Lines and Two Handles
  • Requires No Harness

Product Description Product Description

This is a lightweigh foil kite for people taking their first steps in learning to fly kites for kiteboarding. It is a ground based foil kite. It has a 2m (78in) span and 1 square meter of area. It requires no harness and completely depowers by letting one handle go. It is of light weight design and can fly in light winds. It folds down into a compact size of 6 x 9 x 2in and weighs 13oz making it easy to take to take on the road. Suggested wind range is 5 to 15mph for beginners. There is no frame to break or to assemble. Simply attach the lines and start practicing. Note: Dual line kites of this style are much harder to fly than single line kites and may require assistance from an experienced kite flyer.